Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pro Wrestling Guerilla's Mystery Vortex Review

PWG Mystery Vortex

Team Dojo Bros (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

The show starts off with an amazing tag team match that could, and probably should be a main event. This match has a bunch of amazing near falls and a lot of hard shots for both teams and of course the Young Bucks delivering their unique blend of new moves, and classic heel tactics. Of course Strong and Eddie deliver their stiff chops throughout the match. Both teams deliver on some the double team moves. Both teams get in all their trademark offense and the end comes when Roderick picks up a Jackson for a dominator and Edwards delivers a double stomp to take him down for a three count. This fucking match is awesome, and if you're disc only had this match you'd be satisfied, and it's only the first match.

Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan

Hard hitting action, that's what this match is all about. Drake Young busts his head open delivering headbutts to Callihan, which is pretty normal for him. The very beginning of this match has both men taking some wicked bumps that are kind of ignored later in the match, but the are awesome. Younger takes a nice bump off the apron onto some chairs from a bicycle kick. Younger then delivers a nice piledriver to Callihan on the apron, and all that is just in the first five minutes of the match. Sami eventually pulls out a win with a seated stretch muffler in a brutal match between two bruisers.

Super Smash Bros. vs. RockNES Monsters

Comedy shenanigans occur in this match as well as awesome wrestling, it's a delightful combination. The Monsters also provide classic heel shenanigans in the match which are quite enjoyable. I also enjoyed Goodtime cutting part of his beard and blowing it into Stupefied's face to allow Yuma to get a rollup that doesn't quite work. Yuma also hits one of the best looking reverse hurrincanrannas I've ever seen. Nobody can withstand the double team maneuvers of the Super Smash Bros. though, and they retain the belts in a really good match.

Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky

A good technical start to the match after the two hug, and they each throw in references to retired members of the Dynasty. Joey does a Scott Lost double boot/stomp out of the corner and Sky delivers a Lion Cock Punch. After Sky hits a big tope con hilo on Ryan he fixes the chairs at ringside so Ryan can hit a mustache ride off the apron through the chairs afterward, it looked awesome and brutal. Scorpio gets the win with a nice combo ending in a TKO, and this is a great match for Ryan's PWG career to end on.

B-Boy vs. Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. TJ Perkins

An awesome four way match between these guys. Lots of good stuff from everybody and TJ has a lot of nice multiperson submissions going for him in this match. There's a nice chop exchange between TJ. Cage, and B-Boy where TJ is avoiding the chops meant for him before he delivers a chop so Cage and B-Boy stop and both hit him with a chop. They do a couple of excellent sequences where everybody hits a big move, and they all fit into the match well. Even the dive sequence makes sense in the match. I like the ending with TJ having Cage in an STF, but Mack his the Chocolate Thunder Driver on B-Boy to get the pin before TJ gets a submission. Great work from all four guys especially TJ who is one of my favorite wrestlers.

El Generico vs. Rich Swann

An odd match for Generico as he plays the heel to start the match and slows the match down and grinds on Swann. Of course Swann escapes that and delivers all his high flying offense which is pretty awesome. I especially liked the jump up top rope hurrincanranna where he lands on his feet after delivering it. A good match from these two where Generico picks up the victory with his crazy flip the opponent around a couple of times into a powerbomb. That's an awful description of that move, but whatever.

Team Dojo Bros vs. Super Smash Bros.

Goddamn this match. Dojo Bros attack while SSB are doing their opening pose and then lay a beatdown on Uno. They deliver awesome offense and keep Stupefied on the outside. Once Stupefied gets the hot tag it might be the hottest tag I've ever seen. He throws Edwards to the outside and hits him with a dive, runs into the ring and hits a springboard move on Strong, then another dive on Edwards, a springboard DDT on Strong, another dive, and then a Meteora on Strong and the crowd goes apeshit, 'cause it's awesome. The finish is amazing with Edwards hitting some sick double stomps and Roderick hitting one of the best of his suplex into a backbreaker on Stupefied. I love both these teams, and this was a baller match especially considering they had both wrestled awesome matches earlier in the show.

Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen (Guerilla Warfare)

This match is best summed up by the word violence. To start Steen runs Cole dong first into every corner post on the outside, and then hits a powerbomb onto the apron on all four sides of the ring. Several ladders and many chairs are used to beat on each other before the two men construct a brutal looking stack of chairs. Steen wins the battle on the top rope and puts Cole through the chairs with a fisherman buster in one of the coolest looking spots ever and the crowd and announcers go nuts, and when Cole kicks out they go even nuttier. Steen then brings in some thumbtacks including some he drinks and then spits onto Cole because Steen is fucking insane. They tease the tacks several times before Cole delivers a nice german suplex into them and follows up with a superkick and straighjacket german suplex to get the win and become the PWG Champion.

Overall: Buy this fucking show now, it's fucking awesome. Every match is main event caliber and everybody is going all out the whole time to provide the best wrestling on the planet. The best wrestling show of 2012 from top to bottom and there's not a single match that isn't good, and most of them are great.

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