Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogging, because I need to write

Too often I think of writing as a job instead of a hobby and let video games take the place because it's a lot easier to do and since I have a Dazzle I can record my gameplay and do stuff with that online to publish videos that I commentate over which is productive like writing, but the writing takes more effort. I can record a commentary delete it and try over again and it will take about twenty minutes, but writing a story requires much more than that, and that just involves finishing the first draft. After that I have to revise what I've written until it's good enough for other people to read.

And even then writing the story isn't done. Once other people have read it they are going to find problems that don't occur to me. After that happens I correct those errors and probably have to do a decent amount of rewriting depending on how early in the story my plot error occurred. And it feels like a lot of work compared to other hobbies I have.

Even consider all that there is nothing that feels quite as good as writing a story. You create these characters, give them a world to exist in, and problems to solve. Exploring all those facets of the story are amazing when you can get it done right. And this is how I'm starting this blog which will force me to write words and get in the habit of writing something to make me work on the many short stories I've started and become too lazy to finish.