Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mixed Martial Arts

Saturday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch UFC 140 and I've finally recovered enough to type about it. Okay, Sunday was the only day I was completely out of it, but Monday had a lot of napping after work to help compensate for a rough day of drinking as well. I also worked ten hours on Sunday and that doesn't facilitate a hangover recovery, but back to the point of watching UFC 140.

It was awesome. I don't think I'd agree if I just bought the PPV and watched it at home, but going to a bar and watching it with wings, beer, and other people helped a lot. I don't want to diminish the fights, but the show is only two hours, because of quick fights which were good, but short. As a fan of professional wrestling for most of my life I expect PPVs to give me more for my money, while I know that UFC isn't preplanned and anything can happen the shows bear a similar price and structure so it draws that comparison. However the show had a lot of awesome stuff happening.

I'll start with the first fight of the night which was over in seven seconds. Chang Sung Jung avoided a haymaker from Mark Hominich then rocked him with a punch and followed up as he fell for a decisive win, and while some people get down on these quick fights I think they are awesome occasionally. This is one thing that MMA has the advantage over wrestling in that a match can be this short and still be good because Jung looks like a beast and it's impressive that someone can legitimately KO somebody this quickly in a match.

The next match went to a decision and was boring to me so I don't want to talk about it. My disinterest was enabled by the fact that I didn't have a great angle to the tv and haven't been following UFC closely enough to know the fighters.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz was next and all is well with the world because Nog won as I do know that I find Tito to be annoying and the best part was the fight being finished by TKO with body shots. I like that Ortiz got beaten while he's laying on the ground covering his head letting Nog punch and elbow the fuck out of his ribs. It was brutal and satisfying.

Next up was Frank Mir beating Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by breaking his fucking arm with a Kimura. Antonio was controlling this match early with his strikes and nearly KOd Mir, but instead of continuing to punch he went in for a submission and Mir put him into a Kimura they did some rolls that looked awesome, then Antonio refused to tap out and his arm snapped. I didn't realize it at first, but the replays made it obvious and the people at the bar reacted so well to the moment, as did I. The fight was all action and the ending was brutal, but exciting.

The main event was Lyoto Machida vs. Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and this was a good fight that went a distance into the second round before Jones busted Machida open with an elbow and then choked him out with a great guillotine. At first it looked like they were just in a clinch to me. The ref tapped Jones to release and Machida dropped to the mat like a rock, it was an impressive win for Jones, and kind of disappointing to me because I like Machida, but I am always happy to watch a good fight.

They were mostly good fights and exciting to watch, but I'm even more excited for UFC 141 on December 30 that pits Allistar Overeem against Brock Lesnar, because watching those two behemoths fight each other is going to be awesome.

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