Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Drop

I finally wrote something again. Here's a Alternate History WWII Kaiju story for a terribleminds challenge.


Petty Officer Nolan Daniels mopped the deck of the USS Massachusetts and looked at the island they were anchored just off shore of. It looked nice with a long beach, palm trees, and the scantily clad female natives. The warning horn blared and he grabbed the glasses from his pocket and put them on. He turned toward the ocean and the site of the air detonation nuke. He could almost make out the gray specks of the empty ships that would prove how efficient it was at taking out a fleet. The experts said they were at a safe distance, but if the waves were stronger than expected everybody could swim to the island, at least theoretically.

Beneath the deck Nolan could hear people strapping all the ammo and supplies down tight in preparation of a possible shockwave, and the definite waves that would be coming, but thankfully that wasn't his job today so he leaned on the edge of the railing and waited. He hadn't seen a nuclear explosion before, but he'd heard from other guys who had and it sounded impressive, and nobody had seen one detonated above water before. Another horn blared and shortly after a second, and that meant it was close. More people came up above deck and officers tried to keep people from bunching up too much, but to little avail.

The waves rocked the ship back and forth and did the same to the gray spots on the horizon that everybody watched. Nothing happened as they stood there. The crowd started to fidget as the wait dragged on. Finally a plane came overhead from the horizon and most of the sailors looked up, but Nolan kept his eyes on the horizon and saw the detonation. It blossomed silently then formed the mushroom cloud that everybody had told him about. At that point everybody had turned their attention back and the sound of the detonation reached the ship as well the shockwave that rocked the ship backwards and had lots of the sailors staggered backward. The ship righted itself and was buffeted by some more waves, but nothing compared to the initial shockwave. The sailors clapped for the display and the gray specks on the horizon couldn't be seen anymore.

The sailors started to go back to their work, but Nolan kept watch. The waves started to grow bigger and rocked the ship more violently again. A bubble of water rose up out of the ocean and broke and poured down over a scaled reptilian head that pushed through the surface. A roar went up from the sailors and the monster lifted his whole head from the ocean and let loose with a bellow that made Nolan tremble. The monster pushed forward through the water coming right at the Massachusetts.

“Get the guns armed and loaded,” Commander Hershall shouted from the conn tower.

The announcement's replaced his voice as they commanded everybody to their battle stations. Nolan ran toward the bow and the 16” gun he manned. The rest of the crew had already unplugged the barrels, so he got to the interior and helped load the ammunition. Turret one had all three barrels loaded and they fired all three guns at once. The rest of the armament went off shortly afterward and everything fell silent. Nolan wandered out of the battery and saw no sign of the monster anymore. One of the men by the railing pointed toward the water and the wake moving along the surface, much larger than any torpedo. The monster's head burst out of the water again maybe fifty feet from the ship. All the turrets fired a full salvo that sent fire nearly to the beast let alone the ordinance slamming into it's head and body, which Nolan could barely make out through the smoke. The machine guns kept up their constant fire, but their noise didn't compare to the howl the monster let out. A spider-like leg slammed into the deck ten feet from him and ripped through the deck, Nolan had no idea how far, but it was definitely too far.

The monster's head broke through the smoke with its mouth wide open. It clamped down on turret number one and ripped the assembly from the ship. It reared its head back and sent the machinery flying away. The leg near Nolan came out of the deck then slammed down with a second leg in the hole that used to be turret number one and detonated the spare ammo. The explosion lifted Nolan off the deck and he flew with his limbs pinwheeling before he slammed into the water.

It took him several seconds to get his bearings, and he swallowed a good amount of disgusting water before that happened then started swimming toward the island. First he had to go around fifty feet of Massachusetts, but he was swimming faster than he ever had before. None of the big guns were firing, but most of the machine guns were still going, or maybe that was just the ringing in his ears. Nolan didn't look back to find out, he just kept going. He kept the island in sight and ignored the devastation behind him. He swam until his hands dug into the ocean floor and he dragged himself forward then turned and sat in the shallows and looked back. The Massachusetts was listing badly as the monster stood tall over it. The two front legs kept striking holes into the ship, but the monster didn't look like it had taken a full broadside from the battle ship. There was some damage, but not even as much as another ship would have taken. Nolan got to his feet and ran from the edge of the island. The natives weren't there anymore and they knew best.