Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wrestling for Free

I went to my mail box eagerly today hoping that I'd gotten a bunch of Ring of Honor DVDs in the mail, and I was disappointed, although I figured they wouldn't be in, I was just hoping they would be since it was my day off. The good thing about being a wrestling fan is that I don't need to spend money on DVDs to see new matches and get a fix of my hobby. Thanks to Youtube and similar sites there are hundreds of hours of wrestling free to view whenever I could want to. The easiest things to find are WWE and Puro matches. WWE has a lot of television matches that they don't seem as worried about taking down and it's a great way to check out old Velocity matches where you can watch Bryan Danielson when he was one of the local talents they'd bring in to lose to midcarders. It's also the best way to check out matches from guys that are never going to get a DVD release. You can see all the awesome Jimmy Yang vs. Paul London matches, and other great stuff like that.

The real gem of Youtube is being able to watch puro for free. NJPW and NOAH are the two that seem to have the biggest following and not care that the matches are put on the internet since they don't really sell tapes or PPVs in the USA. There are whole NJPW and NOAH shows uploaded and the some of the best matches you are going to find are there to watch for free. Dragongate has the style of wrestling I like the best, but since they have a branch in America now they seem to patrol Youtube a little bit to try and keep matches off there. At least I've noticed the DG matches from my wrestling playlist disappear unlike any other Japanese promotions. With twitter becoming more popular a lot of American wrestlers who go to Japan are promoting that fact. The one that sticks out the most to me is MVP who tweets out youtube links to his matches all the time as well as somebody who made a playlist of his NJPW matches.

It's a pretty awesome time to be a wrestling fan and I forget that once in a while. It was one of Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcasts that reminded me that there is all that wrestling on Youtube. Which I kind of knew because I go in streaks of watching matches on there, but it's the kind of thing you need to be reminded of. I don't have to worry about tape trading and that hassle because everything is there to get easy. And even buying wrestling can be that quick with video on demand and Smart Marks downloadable content as well as IVPvideo, which also offers a free download every week. And going back to the beginning of the paragraph the Art of Wrestling is a phenomenal podcast to listen to as a wrestling fan. Cabana gets all kinds of awesome guests and then has great conversations with them that are fun to listen to and easy to enjoy.

Beyond watching full matches on Youtube there are a lot of really good editors who make wrestling music videos. I did that for a while as well, and didn't reach anywhere near as high as the best can do. When they cover a subject you love they're fun to watch, or a great way to introduce people to wrestling. And then there is always the genius that is botchamania. It may cover the downside of wrestling, but it is never not entertaining, and the recent addition of CZWmania is awesome as well, although I feel for Masada showing up so much. I really like him, but I blame it on him being in death matches and CZW's not very wrestling proficient roster of death match workers. Either way they're fun to watch and if you don't want to spend money on wrestling there is always free wrestling to watch.

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