Monday, April 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3 DLC

Most of the talk about Mass Effect 3 on the internet is all about how the ending sucked. I don't feel that way, but I'm not here to argue about that. I want to talk about the awesome multiplayer mode that seems to have been lost in the shuffle, except by Bioware who is delivering 2 new maps, 6 new characters, and 3 new weapons all for free.

The choice of free is good for them since they allow people to buy packs with real money as well as money earned playing the game as well. The kind of freemium setup that works so well for computer games and it's cool to see it coming to a big console release, as Gotham City Imposters used it as well, but as an X-Box Live only release it doesn't have the huge fanbase like Mass Effect. If it's the kind of setup that keeps getting me free DLC I'm fine with it. I'll play the game to get my money and buy my packs that way. If I could buy guaranteed objects like most other freemium games EA would probably be seeing more of my real money, but thankfully they haven't yet.

With freemium games I am always happy to be the person who plays for free and takes advantage of the people who are willing to shell out money for stuff they can earn with a bigger time investment. If the model of having the game being free, but players being able to pay for more characters and customizable appearances I'm all for it, because I'm always willing to try new games, just not a big fan of shelling out money to try them. Hopefully Mass Effect continues to use the paying players to fund my future DLC.

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