Friday, March 2, 2012

Building Lego Sets

I was negligent in putting up quick reviews on the NJO books, but I was burning through the series really quickly so soon I'll just do a quick review of the series as a whole.

But to continue my trend of being super nerdy I bought a couple of Lego sets recently and I like having the models to display, but I'd forgotten just how much fun it is to build a set and see the way the pieces go together to create the finished product. I've stuck with smaller sets for most of my Lego building days starting as a kid, and the biggest set I ever got was the original Star Wars X-Wing. They have a newer set which is a little bigger with more pieces. A lot of the bigger sets seem to rely more on custom pieces, which take away from the building in my eyes. While I will always want the Star Wars sets because I love Star Wars, my favorite sets to build are the vehicles.

Lego sets with vehicles have always been my favorite sets so I picked this set up to build because of how awesome the truck looked, and I was not disappointed. It does have a few fancy pieces, with the mudguards, but the cars have always had those, so I don't consider them too much of a cheat. I hate the stickers, but that's just because I'm awful at putting them on. Putting this set together was a lot of fun and the truck moves well after being build. The trailer is very solidly built, I've had quite a few trailers that are very fragile, but this one holds up well, and looks cool as well with the flaps and the tool box. The motorcycles are simple, but look cool, and the helmets have cool goggle-like visors that I love.

Buying the new sets was kind of a curse because I remimded me of just how much fun Legos are and are going to make me want to buy more of them.

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  1. I get el husband at least one new lego set a year-- usually two, one at Christmas and one for his birthday. Lots of Star Wars, mostly. I remember I always used to build castles and buildings out of my legos to use with my action figures.

    This all to say: LEGOS ARE THE BEST!